Friday, February 7, 2014

Wiki mischief

After my recent title of Knight of Arts and Letters, a few gentlemen from another University have mutilated and vandalised the Wikipedia article on me! This can happen only in Bengal. They have chopped off the Times of India's comment on me as "India's best-known French scholar" and omitted the passage on Derrida's admiration for me, elaborately reported in Times of India and Hindustan Times after his visit. This reminds me of the Bengali gentleman who had actually gone to court to prove that Amartya Sen hadn't won the Nobel Prize!! Psychological problem? Citations are removed, and then demanded by these miscreants. The list of my CIIL documentaries have been mutilated. The names of the two ministries--the French Ministry of culture and that of National Education--chopped off. Mindless vandalism.

1 comment:

  1. simply horrible...but I'm probably not as shocked as the non-Indians might be,as we're somewhat accustomed to this sort of typical Bengali activity.
    Chinmoyda,the forefathers of these criminals did the same sort of things with even Rabindranath Tagore.That could be our consolation.